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JAT’s automatic feeding systems get birds off to a good start, minimizing wastedfeed, and providing birds with consistent access to fresh feed. JAT Broilermatic® feeding system has been specially designed for broiler chickens.
Get the best conversion with the lower investment and proven durability.

Power Unit

Monophasic, biphasic and threephase from 1/2 up to 1 horsepower.Power units cycle the feeder line on when the feed level in the pans gets low. Motors are sealed against dust and designed to meet the duty cycle of broiler feeding systems.

Suspension system

Complete system with pulleys,cables, tensioners and fasteners, operated with winches manuals (in diferent capacities) to facilitate maintenance, cleaning and disinfection of the house and equipment.
100 kg caliber 20 galvanized steel hopper.

Galvanized double tubes

Double galvanized tube to increase durability and avoid corrosion.

Electronic Sensor Proximity

Easy to use and program has a microprocessor that gives you a high sensitivity, also has measurement of time thus controlling the ignition or engine shutdown according to detected volume of food.


has an alliance with the best supplier of auger in the world. Broilermatic® is equipped with a 41 mm. diameter flex auger that efficiently pulls the feed through an enclosed tube.

Improved feeder pan with 4 windows

The only pan to incorporate into your central tower 4 windows, to achieve an unbeatable distribution of food in the feeder from the first day.
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