11 kg Hanging Cone Feeder with grid

    Code: CTXX0109006


    Recommendable use: 25 breeders.
    Storage capacity: 11kg. or 24 pounds.


    3 types of height adjustment to adapt to all types of food.
    Special design for breeders.


    Made of impact resistant, high quality conditioned polyethylene with UV, UVR protection and antioxidants that provides longer life in any environment.
    • The grid avoid the rooster eating in the same feeder as the breeder.
    • Conic base that allows proper descent and distribution of feed.
    • No tools or extra hardware needed – easy installation and maintenance.
    • Protects feed from damage by preventing birds from roosting on the feeder.
    • Specialized design plate with safety anges to prevent food spillage.
    • Aluminium solid suspension bar that prevents oxidation and feed accumulation in the interior of the rod.
    • Reinforcement system in the hopper.
    • Lower cost comparing to the automatic feeders.
    • After sales service and availability of spare parts.
    • Easy to clean and disinfect when required.

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