We are a company with more than 65 years of experience manufacturing products and equipment aimed especially at poultry farms with international reach.

Our competitive advantage is based on the constant innovation and development of new products that we manufacture ourselves, thereby offering our customers the best price and quality in the market. But we not only commercialize our products, from 20 years and in order to offer a more complete catalog to our customers, JAT started financial operations with world leading companies in poultry equipment, from the industrialized incubation until the large-scale processing of chicken, selection and packaging of the egg.

Our Values

Customer Support




Team Work


To offer solutions and top quality innovative products while helping our customers and business partners to maximize their productivity and profitability through socially and environmentally responsible businesses practices.


Being a company recognized for its leadership, which provides products and services with the highest quality, capable of satisfying the current and future needs of our customers, positioning the “JAT” brand with a solid presence in national and international markets, with a human resource with pride of belonging, motivated and qualified, working in an environment that develops and rewards highly productive people and identified with the values ​​of the company.
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