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12 Nest layer cage with 2 levels

Code: MPJP0201002


Complete 12 nest layer cage unit with 2 levels.
4 cages of 3 nests for layers, stacked on top of each other, includes the galvanized legs, trough PVC feeder and automatic drinking system. (Also includes: in-line shut-off, filter element, pipe and connections)


48 layers per module (1 to 3 layers per nest and a maximum of 15 layers per cage)
Manufactured modularly to help the expansion and the increase of quantity of layers per house.
100% galvanized cage system.
Galvanized Wire divisions to provide better ventilation and visibility.
Double galvanized Steel Mesh _oor with narrow divisions that provides more comfort and safety for layers.
Feeder system that is easy to clean, hygienic and maximum resistance. (PVC of highest quality with UV,
UVR protection and antioxidants that gives more durability at any environment).
Automatic drinking system, hygienic and easy to clean.
Galvanized Steel wire, caliber 12 and 14.
Galvanized after welding to ensure all parts of the cage is 100 % galvanized thus preventing corrosion and / or rusting.

Initiation automatic cup waterer

Automatic cup waterer (layers)

Egg Filler


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