Automatic Bell Drinker

    Code: AAAX0109002



    Designed for use in a variety of sizes of poultry from chickens to ducks or other poultry.
    90 – 110 broilers
    80 – 100 layers
    70 – 90  broiler breeders
    Can be used from day one until the end of the cycle.


    High quality raw polyethylene conditioned with UV, UVR protection and antioxidants that gives longer life any environment.
    Helps to maintain high sanitary conditions for healthy birds.  Easy to disassemble allowing proper cleaning.  JAT’s bell drinker is resistant to shock, abrasion and chemical erosion caused by some disinfectants.

    Poulty drinkers 4 liters

    11 kg Hanging Feeder

    P1000 JAT Infrared brooder for 1000 broilers