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Automatic Incubators




  • Automatic turning system of 45° every 2 hours.
  • Door with panoramic view with double glass and integrated thermometer.
  • Internal light to improve visibility.
  • It has a water tank to keep humidity inside the incubator.
  • Controlled tray by floater with deposit of 25 liters.

Electric system

  • 15 amperes loading center for protection against electrical discharges.
  • Equipped with digital temperature control or micro and wafer system.
  • Single-phase power consumption of 300 or 450 watts.


Fabricate of melamine.
Fabricate of liner panel (fiberglass) double panel.
  • Wheels for easy handling.
  • 3-step shifter (automatic, manual and off).
  • Aluminum angle on the outside for better protection.
  • Interior ventilation based on motor.
  • Our incubators can be used for different birds, varying only the incubation time according to each species, among which are: Chicken, Quail, Turkey, Duck, Peacock, Pheasant, Goose, Coquena.

Automatic Round Drinker

Electric brooder from 1 to 5 levels for chicken and quail

Pre starter feeder

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