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Automatic Initiation Layer Drinker Cups

Code: BAIJ0109001


  • This product is recommended for use in cages from day old chicks to the beginning of the laying cycle (21 weeks).
  • Cage Trigger allows the necessary adjustments as the bird grows.
  • Protective vane prevents the entry of the chick inside the cup, avoiding water spills.
  • The long trigger allows the new born chicks activate the device; the chick controls the amount of water that flows in the drinker by pushing the trigger.
  • Easy to install, it can be directly connected to the main pipe or suspended on the cage.


1 to 20 baby chicks.


HIGH QUALITY PLASTIC-Strong toughness, anti fall, compression and anti-aging Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (*ABS)
*Hard thermoplastic, heat and impact resistant
  • DURABLE-Easy to use, save labor and time for farmers. Improve the effectiveness of breeding
  • MULTI-PURPOSE-Suitable for chicken, chick, duck, bird, quail, pigeon, parrot, bird, etc
  • SIMPLE STRUCTURE-This water feeder bowl’s structure is simple, very convenient
  • The constant water flow allows a better hydration
  • The stainless steel cap protects the threads preventing rupture.
  • Our drinking has no spring, which normally breaks and causes water spills.
  • Easy installation on any type of pyramidal cage.
  • If required, we have all spare parts are readily available.
  • Good structure design, removable lower parts for easy cleaning.

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