Automation, key to reduce production costs

Commercial Poultry Farming in Mexico is an activity that has existed since time immemorial and is one of the most important sectors of the livestock industry, since chicken and egg consumption have always been pillars of the basic Mexican food.

Of those distant times in which it was a lucrative activity with a minimum of investment and without importing much the productive results, we are now in an era in which the margins have been reduced considerably and the producers must be more efficient every day to be able to achieve a profit margin.

There are still farms, even from large companies that operate manually, but their profit margin is lower, because they work with 30 to 40% more staff and their upbringing density is much lower compared to farms equipped with feeder and drinker systems.

Definitely the expense in electric energy is compensated with the savings that can be achieved by increasing the density (speaking of broilers) by 1 to 2 chickens per square meter and reducing the staff by up to 50% if is included the automatic system ventilation.

If we consider reducing staff by 30% with the use of automatic systems such as Broilermatic® and Prolife® we would have at least a saving in the staff cost that would impact between 2 and 3% of the total cost of production.

Another advantage of automating poultry houses is that automatic equipment such as Broilermatic® and Prolife® occupy less space in the house, leaving more space available, it allows increasing the density and allows a greater rest area for the birds.

The automatic feeder systems allow the adequate distribution of feed, which represents an uniformity in the weight birds, control the waste of feed (which is very common to see when served manually) and ensure storage, keeping it out of reach of pests such as rats and insects that could contaminate it causing severe infectious problems in birds.

The positive effects on feed conversion are clearly proven with the use of automatic systems, which also represents a significant saving, since the cost of food represents about 70% of the total cost of production.

In relation to the nipple drinker, it allows us to ensure that birds will consume this vital liquid without contamination; also it allows medication through a dispenser.

Respiratory diseases represent one of the most important challenges in current poultry farming. The main respiratory diseases spread by direct contact and by contamination of drinking water. In open drinking systems this is very common. With the use of Prolife® this spread is reduced, which allows the bird’s immunity to have time to respond.

Finally, we want to share that due to the increasing pressures of pro-animal groups, cage-free layer systems are more common and will soon represent an important segment in the poultry industry.

The cost of producing cage-free egg is considerably increased compared to the traditional system. For this new segment the use of systems such as Broilermatic® as well as Prolife®, is surely an excellent option to equip farmers to obtain maximum benefits in this type of production.

Then, automatic feed and water systems are a good alternative to increase production levels in your poultry farm, reducing costs in different areas which will result in a more profitable and efficient business.

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