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Bird Transportation Coops for broiler

Code: JTPV0109017




8-12 Broiler chickens, depending on bird size. (Load – 25 kg.)
Can stow up to 9 cages (225 kg)
Weight per cage: 17,8 pounds


All coops are made with high quality polyethylene conditioned with UV, UVR protection and antioxidant additives that provides longer life in any environment.
Side reinforcement.
Floor reinforcement.
The critical section of the floor is smooth and wide preventing injuries.
Wider door allows easy access and prevent birds from getting hurt.
Reinforcement at all junctions.
Very simple to assemble
The coops are stackable with one another and compatible with other brands.
Provides safe transportation of live birds.
Ample inventory of spare parts readily available
Resistant to high temperatures.
Customization – Serigraph by injection (Logo Brand) is available with minimum orders of 800 units.
JAT special design guarantees maximum ventilation, quicker and easier cleaning and disinfection after each use.

Poulty drinkers 4 liters

11 kg Hanging Feeder

Automatic Bell Drinker

P1000 JAT Infrared brooder for 1000 broilers

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