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P1000 JAT Infrared brooder for
1000 broilers

Code: CPIJ0204005



The brooders are designed with a detachable system that is unique in the market, no tools or specialized technicians are required for its maintenance and cleaning. 15 seconds are enough to clean disassemble and reassemble, ensuring correct operation and optimization of gas in order to obtain a better combustion gas and saving.


Approximately 1000 broiler chicks per brooder.
Minimum: 475 1885
Maximum: 3599 14280
Gas: 60% Butane and 40% Propane
Operating pressure: 0.5 a 6 lb
Maximum consumption: 303 gr/hrs
Dimensions: 69.5 x 16 x 48 cm
Weight: 2.150 kg


Pressure Consumtion Performance
(lb) gr/hrs kcal/hrs BTU/hrs
0.5 40 475 1885
1 82.5 980 3888
2 165 1960 7776
3 210 2494 9897
4 252 2993 11876
5 275 3266 12960
6 303 3599 14280
  1. Adjustable chain link
  2. Stainless steel tensor
  3. Security device
  4. Air-gas mixer
  5. Rotaing air ­filter
  6. Tube with safety clip
  7. Aluminum bell for a efficent refraction
  8. High resistant mesh diffuser
Compact design, ­ts where required.
Lightweight, easy to handle and move.
Easy maintenance, specialized tools are not required.
Composed with premium raw materials.
High intensity infrared says that directly heats the chickens in the bed.
Made of stainless steel, aluminum, and brass for a longer useful lifetime.

Poulty drinkers 4 liters

Automatic Round Drinker

11 kg Hanging Feeder

Pre starter feeder

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