P2000 JAT Infrared brooder for 2000 broilers

    Code: CPIJ0204006


    This brooder has a refractive system in order to maximize the infrared emission, providing signi­cant savings in gas consumption.


    2000-3000 Broiler chicken
    1500-2000 Breeders
    750-1000 Turkeys
    Capacity 40,000 BTU/Hr 11,720 Watts
    Gass supply pressure Natural LP 12-14 in *wc

    6-14 in *wc

    30-35 mbar

    15-35 mbar

    Brooder height 150-180 cm. 1.5-1.8 m.
    Distance between brooders 762-1219 cm. 7.6-12.5 m.
    Stainless steel burner highly resistant to corrosion, designed to prevent dust accumulation.
    Detachable pilot which facilitates the cleaning and the maintenance
    Each brooder has a security valve with automatic individual temperature control whereby it is easier handling the heat i the poultry house.
    Easy maintenance, specialized tools are not required.
    Emitter made of stainless steel with titanium nonferrous maximizing infrared emission
    100% aluminum screen
    Electrostatic paint coating resistant to high temperature

    Poulty drinkers 4 liters

    Automatic Round Drinker

    11 kg Hanging Feeder

    Pre starter feeder