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Piglet Drinker Stainless Steel 1/2 “x 3/8”

Code: BPLX0304001


The nipple drinker are manufactured in stainless steel and designed to adapt to the comfort of the piglet to be able to consume the water and not waste it.


Nipple for piglet from 1/2 “to 3/8” stainless steel.
Standard model in the industry worldwide.
Ideal for piglets up to 40 kg (8 lb).
A fluid of 1.06 liters. per minute at 40 PSI.


1 Piglet.
Return on short-term investment.
3 different orice positions that allow the adjustment of water flow.
Easier for the piglet to drink.


Stainless Steel, which ensures durability and better performance and protection.
Weight: 0.06 kg.
Capacity: 100 pieces
Weight:  5.50 kg.
– Long:  13.0 cms
– Width: 27.0 cms.
– High:   22.0 cms.

Aluminum, circular feeder pig

Breeder for piglet

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