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Plastic Feed Tray

Code: CIXX0104001



Get your chicks off to a strong start and help prevent feed waste during the first days of a new flock.
 JAT trays help minimize feed loss and provide plenty of room for birds to gather and eat.


Durability: Virgin High Density Polyethylene with Superior Impact / Wear Resistance
Added U.V., antioxidants and UVR Protection for Extended Life


Feeds up to 100 chicks
Larger size compared to the competition.
Fast and easily stowed.
16 compartments that provides better feed distribution and reduced cost.
Avoids food wastage.
Heavy-Duty design and construction.
Ribbed bottom and sidewalls maximize strength while preventing feed loss. The ribbed design also reduces loss from chick scratching.
Smooth surfaces make JAT trays easy to clean and disinfect to reduce the risk of disease.

Poulty drinkers 4 liters

Automatic Round Drinker

P1000 JAT Infrared brooder for 1000 broilers

Pre starter feeder

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