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Poultry Slaughterhouse



SLAUGHTERING unit is the base section for the whole poultry processing plant work, the right stunner, killing, scalding, plucking plays an very important roles for the quality of production. CONNECT high quality slaughtering equipment with experienced installation team give our users qualified and profitable meat production.
1. Bird Reception – Hanging area:
The hooks and welding’s are manufactured from food grade stainless steel.  The design of the hook is ideal for hanging and eviscerating.
Standardized measures that facilitate the hanging process avoiding damage to birds.  Capacity per operator:  1,200 birds per hour.
2. Stunning
Adjustable voltage according to the weight and size of the bird to be processed. Generally, it is used from 24 to 25 volts for any speed, with a time of 8 to 9 seconds.
3. Bleeding channel
The bleeding time should not be less than 90 seconds, and not longer than 3 minutes (optimal time 2 minutes)
4. Scalding:
The temperature and time of scalding will depend on the type and color of chicken that you want to obtain. The average temperature is 60 degrees Celsius.
5. Rotomatic Plucker:
The plucking time depends directly on the time and temperature of the blanching. The optimal average time is 30 seconds.
6. Evisceration Channel:
All stages of evisceration last a total of 3 minutes per bird.  It consists of a cloaca cut, extraction of the viscera and intestinal pack, collection and separation of liver and gizzards, lungs and cut legs and neck.
7. Tina Chiller:
Its main function is to wash and lower the temperature of the chicken.
8. Packing
Plastic and aluminum films for closing of processed chicken boxes
9. Control Panel
Control and adjustment of all the automated stages within the slaughterhouse.

11 kg Hanging Feeder

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