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Pre – Starting Feeder

Code: CDPX0109001




Efficiency is key to success in broiler production, and the importance of a good start in life is discussed for all species. In the case of broilers, the first three to five days actually represents a very significant proportion of a broiler’s life — about 10 percent.  The modern breeds of broiler chickens have been selected for fast growth and at present, broilers reach slaughter weight at a physiologically younger age.
It is well documented that body weight enhances threefold to fourfold during the first week of age and considerable changes in gut, muscle weight and morphology are observed. The first week after hatch is an extremely important time for all young poultry broiler chicks must consume enough food in their first hours of life, in order to achieve a higher weight at the end of their first week of life.  JAT pre-starter feeder is the perfect equipment to achieve that.


JAT equipment is manufactured with high quality raw Polyethylene conditioned with UV, UVR protection and antioxidants to provide longer life under any environment.


Recommended use: 80 – 100 Broiler chick.
25 – 30 Broiler chicks eating perfectly lined up.
Optimum utilization: for Broiler chicks from 0 to 10 days old
Food storage: 4.0 kg / 8.82 lb
  • Advantage over the traditional method of feeding tray by increasing weigh gain in broilers.
  • Quick and easy stowage.
  • Reduces food waste and therefore increases feed conversion rate.
  • Exclusive design with a flange that avoids the broiler to take food out of the feed tray while eating.
  • Easy to clean and disinfect.
  • The feeder has a reinforced center for heavy-duty use.
  • Reduces feed waste and therefore minimizes contamination.
  • The broiler learns to eat from the feeder, and not on the floor.
  • Optimization in the labor cost since the filling time is less.
  • After sales service and availability of spare parts.

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