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Suspension system

Complete system with pulleys, cables, tensioners and fasteners, operated with winches manuals (in diferent capacities) to facilitate maintenance, cleaning and disinfection of the house and equipment.

Water filtration system and water medication

Clean, bacteria-free water guarantees healthy growth, less disease challenges and greater daily gain. The filter ensures optimal operation and prolongs the life time of the drinking system.The filtration system alongside with the medicator provides top quality water for the birds while facilitating medical treatments when necessary.

Pressure regulator

The regulator has two outputs so that it can be used both at the end of the line or at the center. This regulator it’s designed for lines of up to 110 m long.

Galvanized steel tube

Double galvanized tubes for greater durability provides enough firmness and stiffness that helps to avoid losing linearity.

PVC square tube

Manufactured with virgin Polychloride material of 22 x 22 mm, The square shape, allows the nipple is always in vertical position.

Cup for Nipple

Manufactured with high-quality polymers. Its main function is to keep the bed dry, avoiding water spillage.

Intermediate water breaker 20 cm.

Exclusive self-regulating system
• Does not need any operation / adjustment.
Controls pressure by adjusting any variation up or down proportionally.




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