Revolutionizing the broiler chicken production process

Within the broiler chick production process the initial stage is vital for obtaining satisfactory standards within all stages of chicken production. The first days are crucial for their growth and development. From day one it is very important that chicks have immediate
access to food and water, as it stimulates consumption. The broiler chick production should aim to achieve better performance in terms of live weight, feed conversion, uniformity and meat production.

It is very important to mention that due to the implementation of good practices in broiler chick production, several risks are significantly reduced incluiding pollution and diseases.

Sistemas Agropecuarios JAT, has revolutionized the traditional chicken broiler production process being the creator of the new and innovative Pre-Starting Feeder.

The Pre-Starting Feeder is the initiation tray or panreplacement which is traditionally used in the broiler production during the initiatio stage.

In Sistemas Agropecuarios JAT, we are proud to be the first and unique intellectual creators of the new internationally designed feeder  also) called “baby chick feeder.” JAT possesses the first and original patents in the market for this feeder.

Our patent title are: IMPI #19793, Indrustrial design registration title and IMPI #1534 utility model registration title.

Our Pre-Standing Feeder has approximately 10 years on the market. Through that time Sistemas Agropecuarios JAT along with national  and international broiler chicks producers found there to be many benefits over the traditional initiation tray or pan.

A baby broiler chick should eat (at least) between 100 y 120 grams of food in their 120 hours of life (first 5 days). If the broiler chick consumes at least this amount, it will reach a weight of 160 grams or heavier at the end of their first week of life. The purpose of making the replacement of the initiation tray or pan brings many benefits:

♦Increased feeding surface area having more andbetter access to food in order to improve the feeding process and better development of intestinal villi during the first weeks of life.

♦Eliminates feed contamination from the beginning.

♦The Pre-Starting Feeder does not allow the chicks to enter into the feeder therefore eliminating contamination of food with feces and bedding materials.

♦This stimulates the broiler chicks to eat in a healthier manner which greatly helps to improve health and body weight in the first days, which is ultimately reflected in the final weight.

♦The Pre-Starting Feeder design has an anti-waste tab In the initiation process when using the pan or tray, the chick gets used to seeking food from the feeder and not the floor.

♦The feeder is designed so that chicken from the first day of life gets used to eating with a feeder, which prepares the chick to use the automatic feeder and achieve better development process results in conversion.

♦The Pre-starting Feeder capacity is greater than 4 kilograms, depending on the density of the food, which reduces the filling time and the operation of it, optimizing labor costs by decreasing the time between fillings.

♦Using the Pre-Starting Feeder it is possible to obtain a higher body weight (better conversion) unlike the traditional tray method and / or initiation tray.

♦Reduces washing and sanitizing time The investment return is short-term Its optimum utilization is for broiler chicks from 0 to 10 days old.

♦The Pre-Starting Feeder helps define and promote chick conversion to achieve the desired efficiency and the best final conversion rates.

♦The Pre-Starting has showing system that prevents damage caused by its own weight when is not in use and is stored.

♦The poultry industry in general has benefited worldwide with this new design and proof of this is that there are multiple copies of JAT Pre-Starting Feeder, both in Mexico and abroad.

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