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Square coupling 22 x 22.
Square coupling 28 x 28.
Round coupling 28 x 28.



  • Manufactured with long lasting rubber.
  • Its design avoids water leaks.
  • It adapts to all brands of tubes squares and round.
  • Includes clamp for installation surely avoiding leaks.
  • Black color to avoid light from passing and prevent moho accumulation on the inside for more biosecurity.
Square coupling 22×22:
Long 3.3 cm. Width 3.3 cm. High 6.3 cm.
Square coupling 28×28:
Long 4.7 cm. Width 4.7 cm. High 6.4 cm.
Round coupling 28×28:
Long 4.0 cm. Width 4.0 cm. High 6.4 cm.

Automatic feeder system Broilermatic

PVC square tube 22 x 22, 28 x 28

Automatic drinker system for layer

Automatic drinker system

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