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Weighing machine

Code: BASM0304001



Manual and portable weighing machine for poultry farms.
It works with rechargeable batteries that can last more than 8 hours.


This scale weighs each bird, providing the following information:
Average weight of birds, standard deviation and coeficient of variation.
Number of birds.
Provides the histogram with increment of 25 grams + / – 1 Kg on the average weight.


It save the information of past weights.
This information can be checked on the weighing machine or it can be downloaded to a PC with the specialized program that is included.


Maximum weight: 15 kg.
Accuracy: + / – 5 gr.
Display: 4 digits.
220V or rechargeable batteries.
Working time 12 hrs.
USB / PC connection.

Poulty drinkers 4 liters



Pre starter feeder

Poultry Slaughterhouse

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