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Easy grow feeder

Code: CDPC0104001

Specialized feeder to be used with baby chicks to guarantee easy access to feed and water from the very beginning of their lives.  This will improved feed conversion and daily gain and will help to achieve greater uniformity within the flock.
The hopper has an angle specially designed to prevent the bird from getting inside the feeder.  This reduces feed waste and contamination.  Our lowest center of gravity and the widest base makes it much more stable, avoiding turning.
Thanks to JAT’s innovative design, the central part of the dish is narrower and the birds have more space between the feeders allowing more birds to access the feeder.  This will also increase the flow of birds between feeders.
It is easy to clean and disinfect thus assuring the good health of the flock.


11 lb of feed (5 kg).  Good for 70 -120 birds.


Our feeder has 17% more plastic that makes it bigger and more resistant. Manufactured with 100% raw plastic with UV and UVR additives and antioxidants to protect it against the sun and chemicals and to provide longer life under any environment.

Poulty drinkers 4 liters



Pre starter feeder



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